Case Study: Karen Williams

“Your Book is the Hook 2nd Edition” & “Book Marketing Made Simple”

Published: March 2017 & April 2017


Your Experience Before Working With Me

  1. What were you doing for book design prior to working with me?

I worked with other designers on my first four books before we met, with mixed results. Although I was happy with my first designer, the books were very samey, with no scope for giving them the wow factor.

  1. Summarise three points of frustration you faced?

Lack of the wow factor in terms of internal and external design – all of the ideas came from me and I’m not a designer!

Little knowledge of the publishing industry, which meant that although they did the design, I still needed to do the publishing side. This was a huge learning curve in itself.

Slow delivery of their services, which meant stress over hitting deadlines.

  1. What was the big “a-ha” moment when you realised that you needed a professional book designer?

I didn’t actually realise I needed you until I met you. Who knew that there was someone out there who could listen to my ideas and provide something new and innovative?! And someone who could manage the whole process for both myself and my clients.

  1. How did you hear about my service?

We met through a mutual contact.

  1. Why did you choose me over other design options?

For all the reasons above and you slotted very nicely into the one-stop-shop idea that I wanted to create for Librotas!!


Your Experience Working With Me

  1. Describe your experiences working with me?

Very easy. You work well with my clients and me to help them to design their books inside and out and also do the publishing side so clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. What element of my service do you feel helped you the most?

All of it!

It was great to be able to produce the second edition of Your Book is the Hook which looked so much better than the original and stood out in a much better way.

  1. How does my service differ from other designers you have worked with in the past?

The things I’ve mentioned above, and I know I can trust you to do a great job. It’s lovely to work with someone I know personally.


The Results

  1. What was your initial reaction when you received your finished books?

Wow! I loved them!

  1. How many books have you sold so far?

I’m not sure. It’s hundreds rather than thousands, but they’ve certainly made a huge difference to my business and helped me to reach more clients.

  1. What has been the general reaction of your readers to the book?

Very positive.

Book Marketing Made Simple has had 41 5 star reviews on Amazon to date.

  1. How much of that success would you attribute to the design?

My goal was to use the book as a lead magnet rather than to make lots of money from the book, but to do this it needs to stand out and I believe it does so. I’m proud of it which is important when promoting it!



  1. What 3 words would you use to describe your experience working with me?




  1. What is the single biggest reason you would recommend my service?

I know you’ll listen to me and clients and give us something that we’re proud of. When you love your book, you’re more likely to promote it and shout about it.



www.bookmarketingmadesimple.com and www.yourbookisthehook.com