Case Study: Kevin Stansfield

“The Big Dipper”

Published: May 2017


Your Experience Before Working With Me

  1. What were you doing for book design prior to working with me?

Nothing planned

  1. Summarise three points of frustration you faced?

Had an idea but did not know how to make it real

What the back of the book should look like

How to bring it together

  1. What was the big “a-ha” moment when you realised that you needed a professional book designer?

Knew I needed it just did not know who

  1. How did you hear about my service?

Referral from Karen Williams

  1. Why did you choose me over other design options?



Your Experience Working With Me

  1. Describe your experiences working with me?

Very easy to work with, communication was good

  1. What element of my service do you feel helped you the most?

The fact that you did it all

  1. How does my service differ from other designers you have worked with in the past?

I’ve not worked with any other book designers, so not applicable


The Results

  1. What was your initial reaction when you received your finished books?

Took my ideas and made them real

  1. How many books have you sold so far?

300 as of March 2018

  1. What has been the general reaction of your readers to the book?

Very good

  1. How much of that success would you attribute to the design?

Really not sure



  1. What 3 words would you use to describe your experience working with me?




  1. What is the single biggest reason you would recommend my service?

Take the pain and stress away