Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some great authors and publishers.
Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us.

Sam proved indispensable in guiding me through the tricky road to getting published on Amazon and other online book retailers. I would not have had a clue about metadata and what have you, but she made sure that my two novels, Kajsa’s Last Bullet and An Unsound Mind, got properly launched.

Rolf Soderlind


Quite simply, I could not have managed without Sam’s help – covering all the stages from my first rough draft to a published book with full graphics.

Iain Griffiths

Independant Author

I didn’t actually realise I needed you until I met you. Who knew that there was someone out there who could listen to my ideas and provide something new and innovative?! And someone who could manage the whole process for both myself and my clients.

Karen Williams

The Book Mentor, Librotas

Very easy to work with.

Kevin Stansfield


The process of working with you was excellent from start to finish. Even though the time difference of five hours made it a little awkward sometimes to get changes back to you quickly and I found that you were extremely responsive. You also took feedback well. I’ve worked with other designers who had a “my way or the highway” attitude toward their clients and refuse to modify their designs. The way that we are able to collaborate resulted in a better-finished product. Your communication throughout the whole process was excellent which greatly increase my confidence since we had such a tight deadline. And even though there were some hiccups along the way (like when your computer died) I always felt like I knew where you were and whether we were on track to meet the deadline. I felt like you made our project a priority and I knew you would do whatever it took to get it done on time.

John Sonmez

Simple Programmer

After my first conversation with Sam on the phone, I felt she knew what I was trying to achieve so with every confidence in her I entrusted her with the design and typesetting of my manuscript which was laden with illustrative images which had to be skilfully placed around the text, not an easy task. The process from start to finish was professional and structured, including her liaising with the printers on my behalf. At every stage of the process from her taking receipt of my work, I knew where we were at every step of the way thanks to the scheduled scope of works which was supplied at the beginning. 

Sam has a thorough understanding of the industry which as a result has delivered a superlatively designed reference book, the feedback of which from customers along with formal reviews has been astounding. Furthermore off the back of my current title I have been approached by Osprey Publishing to write a publication for them in their Weapons Series which I have since completed and delivered.

Steve Houghton

Author & Histornian

I did not have to worry about any aspect of publishing my book as you handled all the details so professionally and efficiently. I also found the timetable of when each stage was happening very useful.

Azmina Jiwa

Independant Author

I found the experience of working with Sam very pleasant and quick, and a huge learning curve for me in terms of the whole creation of a book. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I’m eternally grateful for how patient you were with me, and your guidance really helped me.

Heather Blanchard


Having written a children’s book for families in my church to tell their children, I had no idea how to get it published to reach a wider audience. Not only did I not have a clue about the publishing world but between a family and a full-time job I had no time either. This is where Sam stepped in, she definitely has a clue, she gave my book the time it needed and her confidence in both the project and in me at every step was invaluable.

Sam Jordan

Independant Author

Working with Sam on my autobiography was a fantastic experience as this was my first book. Sam took me through the stages of the design concept and explained and guided me so that I understood what was going on at every step of the process. Her knowledge and expertise helped us come up with a fantastic design for my book cover as well as internally. I would highly recommend Sam for anybody wanting to create a wow effect for their book. 

Steve Judge

Para-Triathlete & Motivational Speaker

Just when I had more or less torn all my hair out writing the book, Sam came along and sorted out all the intricacies of turning it into a real object that could be published. I still have hair. Writing is only half the battle.

Paul Wallis

Independant Author

Sam from SWATT Books, often went that extra mile for me; knowing that this was all new to me. She took the weight off my shoulders and my book is out there and doing well.

Geoffrey McMullan


“Sam has been my first choice for book design since her superb work on the first edition of the Social Leadership Handbook. She has those qualities that I look for in a great designer: an ability to bring broad experience and vision, alongside a willingness to listen. Of course, getting a great design is just half the story: having a design partner who can navigate the world of printing, proofing and delivery, making the process easy and timely is also invaluable, which is why she will be my first choice in future.”

Julian Stodd

Seasalt Learning

“Samantha was a great support in turning my manuscript, charts and graphs into a professionally published business book to support my business consulting firm. She was not only quick in delivery but made excellent suggestions for improving style and visual communications. My next book is earmarked for her creative support.”

John R. Childress

The Principia Group

“Samantha is a superb designer, with an eye that brings materials to life. Her responsive and flexible style made her a delight to work with, and the end result was a high quality publication. We will be using Samantha’s services again as a result.”

Jonathan Passmore


“If anyone is looking for a dedicated worker they need look no further than this firm for help in any project they might be contemplating. I think we all look for good value, work completed on time and more importantly price! With Sam you get all this plus much more.”

Rosemary Fraser

Independant Author

“I have worked with Sam at SWATT Books on a couple of occasions now. Her work is excellent, very creative and she delivers on time. Her costs are very reasonable and she deals with total professionalism in addressing customer issues. I will be working with Sam again on many occasions.”

Peter Bradford

Knightford Games

“Having hired Sam for a number of projects I would highly recommend her for design work. As well as being reliable at producing quality work she was particularly empathetic to our needs.”

Jamie Pugh

Phil Richards Performance

“Excellent, thorough and timely work on our medical books, not only delivering a brilliant job, but also helping us win prizes for the Unofficial Guide to Medicine textbooks.”

Zeshan Qureshi

Independant Author

“Sam produced the artwork and design concepts for a book of poetry I produced earlier this year. She was incredibly attentive to detail and conscientious about the work I needed doing on this important project. She also came back with corrections in double – quick time and her rates are very reasonable. In addition, Sam is very personable and easy to deal with I would recommend her work without reservation.”

David Alexander

One Young World