SFSP Crash Course

Learn how to publish your own book
like a PRO in just 6 weeks!


Nearly all my first-time authors come to me in some level of overwhelm.  They’re overwhelmed by the various options to self-publish a book, the sheer amount of conflicting information online about which of those options is best, or simply overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in publishing a professional quality book.  There was even a time where that was me too… deer in headlights wondering how to get my own book out into the world and not waste the years I spent writing it.

But over the years of working with hundreds of authors to publish hundreds of books, I developed a system of self-publishing that is reliable, consistent, repeatable, and most importantly easy to follow.  And I want to share that system with you, so that you too can become a successful self-published author.


Introducing the Stress-Free
Self-Publishing Crash Course

A 6-week online training program that teaches you the
exact method I use to publish my clients’ books.


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a precise gameplan to publish your own book worldwide in both print and eBook editions
  • Know how to guarantee that you keep 100% of your rights and royalties
  • Ensure that the book you publish is professional, credible, and most importantly successful

The Stress-Free Self-Publishing Crash Course is delivered as a 6-week drip-fed video course complete with downloadable templates and worksheets to help you through the process of publishing a professional-quality book.

During each week of the course, we will focus on a critical step of the self-publishing process.  At the end of each week, you will be invited to a live Q&A session with me and your fellow author/students to ask any questions you may have and to share your insights & gain valuable feedback on your book.


Here’s what we will cover each week:

Week 1: Introduction

  1. Course & Publishing process overview
  2. Why?
  3. Publishing ROI
  4. Book Business Plan
  5. Ideal Reader Avatar


Week 2: Editing

  1. Importance of editing
  2. 5 Types of Editing
  3. Peer review
  4. How to Choose an Editor


Week 3: Book Design

  1. Importance of good book design
  2. Cover art
  3. Interior formatting
  4. eBook conversion
  5. DIY alternatives


Week 4: Publishing Groundwork

  1. Imprints & ISBNs
  2. PoD vs Self-fulfilment
  3. KDP vs Ingram vs Going Wide
  4. Metadata
  5. Cover Pricing


Week 5: Publishing Process Step by Step

  1. Listing submission & artwork upload
  2. Test copy review
  3. Title release & book orders
  4. ISBN Database submission
  5. Legal Deposit


Week 6: What’s Next

  1. Free marketing options
  2. Paid marketing options
  3. Listing optimisation
  4. 2nd editions & Reprints


But wait, there’s more…

The course doesn’t just end after 6 weeks; you also get access to these additional bonuses:

  • Free PDF copy of “Stress-Free Self-Publishing: How to publish your own book without losing the will to live”
  • One Year unlimited access to course content
  • Lifetime access to private Facebook group (regular live Q&A’s, group support, peer review, special offers, guess content, case studies & author interviews)
  • Option to book discounted 1:1 Power Hour coaching sessions when stuck



All this for

£499 + VAT

14-day money back guarantee*

Save £139 if you enrol before midnight on Sunday, February 18th.
Use discount code SFSP_EarlyBird at checkout.

But HURRY, there are only 10 seats per intake.
The next intake starts March 4th, 2024


Your Instructor

Sam Pearce,
Author, and Founder of SWATT Books

Formerly a commercial graphic designer with over 20 years of corporate design experience both in the UK and Canada, Sam started applying her passion for typography and layout to the art of books back in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in the design and publication of hundreds of books encompassing a wide range of genres from business guides and self-help books to children’s stories and fantasy fiction.

Sam founded SWATT Books to provide independent authors with a way of being self-published that is credible, professional, and ethical.

Sam lives just outside historic Salisbury with her husband Nathan.



  1. How do I know if self-publishing is right for me?
    • If you’re not sure whether self-publishing is the right option for you and your book, may I suggest that you first take my FREE “Is Self-Publishing Right For Me?” Masterclass [https://swatt-books.co.uk/register/sfsp-masterclass]
  2. How much time will I need to dedicate each week?
    • There will be 4-5 modules released each week. Each module will contain a 10–20-minute video, and several will also include worksheets for you to complete.  There is also a live 1hr Q&A session every Friday of the course that I highly recommend you attend.  All in all, you should look to set aside 3-4 hours a week for the duration that the course is live.
  3. What support is available if I need extra help?
    • You will be able to post questions in the dedicated private Facebook group at any time during your course membership. The live Q&A sessions each week that the course is live is also there for you to ask questions and gain feedback on your book.  You will also have access to schedule 1-to-1 coaching sessions with me at a discounted rate if you need more in-depth support.
  4. What if I’ve not finished writing my book yet, can I still benefit from the course?
    • Of course you can! In fact, this course has been designed to teach you the process BEFORE you start publishing your book so that you have all the assets you need already in place.  This is what makes this method so “Stress-Free”!
  5. I’ve published a book before, but it didn’t do very well. Can this course help me improve the results I get from that book?
    • There are lots of authors out there who have published their first book on their own not knowing there was a better/easier way.  This method can easily be applied to pre-existing publications to improve your books’ reach, visibility, appeal, and availability.
  6. Why are there only 10 seats per course intake, and limited intakes per year?
    • This is to ensure that every student who enrols gets plenty of dedicated time to ask questions and discuss their book during the weekly live Q&A sessions.



All this for

£499 + VAT

14-day money back guarantee*

Save £139 if you enrol before midnight on Sunday, February 18th.
Use discount code SFSP_EarlyBird at checkout.

But HURRY, there are only 10 seats per intake.
The next intake starts March 4th, 2024


14-Day Guarantee

There is no risk in enrolling! If you finish the course, complete the worksheets, and attend the Q&A’s but do not feel 100% satisfied, I will offer you a full refund within 14 days.  All course work and videos MUST be completed to receive a refund.

So what are you waiting for?  Make this the year you tick “Publish a Book” off your bucket-list!
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