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My name is Sam Pearce, owner of SWATT Books, and we help independent authors like you to self-publish professionally, affordably, and ethically.  We offer an all-inclusive publishing solution that takes you from raw manuscript all the way through to your book being on sale worldwide that takes the pressure out of self-publishing and allow you to get back to what you do best – writing! What’s more, is that with our service you will retain 100% of your rights and royalties!


Learn how to publish your own book like a pro.


Publish an existing book in over 7k online retailers worldwide.


Make your book jump off the shelf with professional design & typesetting.

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Go from raw manuscript to published author. 



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SWATT Books is not your typical online book factory!



Bespoke book design tailored to your unique story – we NEVER use stock templates!


Retain 100% of the rights to your book – you will own the ISBN numbers assigned to your book… for LIFE!


Retain 100% of the royalties from every book sale – we NEVER take a percentage of profits… you only pay ONCE!



Keep total control of your publishing accounts once your book is launched – all accounts are set up in YOUR name!

Make your dream of being a published author a reality.

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Testimonials & Featured Authors

Very pleasant and quick, and a huge learning curve for me in terms of the whole creation of a book. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I’m eternally grateful for how patient you were with me, and your guidance really helped me.

Heather Blanchard, “Dark is the Sea”

The process of working with you was excellent from start to finish. Your communication throughout the whole process was excellent which greatly increase my confidence, and I felt like you made our project a priority and I knew you would do whatever it took to get it done on time.

John Sonmez, “The Complete Software Developers Career Guide”

I didn’t actually realise I needed you until I met you. Who knew that there was someone out there who could listen to my ideas and provide something new and innovative?!

Karen Williams, “Book Marketing Made Simple”

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5 Ways a Book Can Boost Your Credibility

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Self-Publish or Publisher: Which is Best For You

Self-Publish or Publisher: Which is Best For You

A debate has raged in the literary community for decades as to whether self-publish or publisher is the best route for authors to take to get their books into the hands of their readers. Both sides of this equation are so evenly matched, it's very difficult to choose...

How Much Should It Cost to Self-Publish Effectively?

How Much Should It Cost to Self-Publish Effectively?

I get asked a lot how much it costs to self-publish a book these days, and there are actually several answers. There’s the ‘technical’ answer, there’s a minimum answer and there is a recommended answer. In this article, I’m going to explore those different options so that you can put together a realistic budget to publish your book based on what you want to get out of it.

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