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Welcome to the ultimate hub of self-publishing resources. Here at SWATT Books, we’re not just about creating successful authors; we’re about empowering you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to bring your book from dream to reality. Whether you’re at the beginning of your writing journey or looking to polish and publish your manuscript, our curated collection of resources is here to support you every step of the way.

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Kickstart your publishing journey with our range of free resources. From insightful guides to helpful checklists, these tools are designed to get you moving in the right direction, equipped with the knowledge you need.
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Not only am I a publishing consultant, but I’m an author too. My books explore a wide range of topics from authorship, publishing, and business, to mental health and personal inspiration.

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Stay updated with the latest trends, tips, and strategies in the world of self-publishing. Our blog is a treasure trove of valuable information, covering everything from writing advice to marketing your published book.
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Join us at workshops, seminars, and webinars designed to hone your skills and connect you with like-minded authors. Our events are opportunities to learn, network, and grow in your publishing endeavours.

This is your starting point for a journey filled with learning, growth, and ultimately, publishing success. Each resource, carefully crafted or curated by us, is a stepping stone towards turning your publishing dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a specific aspect of publishing or seeking comprehensive support from start to finish, you’re in the right place.

Dive into our resources, and let’s make your self-publishing journey not just possible, but remarkable. Your story deserves to be told, and we’re here to help you tell it in the most impactful way possible.

Explore, learn, and let’s create something incredible together.