All-Inclusive Self-Publishing Package

The done-for-you service that helps you publish a professional quality book
whilst retaining 100% of your rights and royalties.

Does this sound familiar?


Right now, you’re feeling confused (and that’s no surprise given everything that goes into publishing a professional-looking book properly).

You thought you had completed the hard part in writing your book, but now you are finding that the work has only just begun – there are so many things that you just didn’t know you had to do to get your book into the hands of your readers. 

To make matters worse, doing your own research online has brought up nothing but conflicting information on what the best way forward even is!

And to top it all off, you can’t silence those little niggles of doubt in the back of your mind of whether you or your book is good enough to be published.


PROBLEM: You’re in author overwhelm!


After working with hundreds of authors looking to get their books published, this is what I know about you:

  • You know that your book has value and will have a positive lasting impact on your readers, but you just have no idea how to get your book into their hands.
  • Your reputation means the world to you, and you don’t want to run the risk of damaging it by publishing a substandard book.
  • You have spent a lot of time and energy in writing a book that you are proud of; you don’t want that effort to be wasted.
  • You are an expert in your field/profession, but you are not a publisher and therefore don’t know the steps involved in professional publishing.


I know how overwhelming this process can feel; as a two-time author myself I have been through it too.

I also know that you often look at other authors; maybe even people who you know who have published their own books and think “they make it look so easy!”

Well guess what; it is easy… IF you have the right help.


Hi, I’m Sam Pearce, it’s nice to meet you!


I’m a professional self-publishing consultant. Since 2015 I’ve helped hundreds of authors to publish over 200 titles across a wide range of non-fiction and fiction genres. My mission is to help as many authors as possible to publish their own books professionally, credibly, and ethically so that they retain 100% of their rights and royalties.

I know first-hand the power a book can have on raising your profile and accelerating your business.  My first book “Stress-Free Self-Publishing” radically expanded the reach of my business, SWATT Books, and helped to position me as an expert in the field of self-publishing.  It also gave me the springboard I needed to get my message that self-publishing can be professional to a much wider audience.

But, like you, when I first started publishing books, I didn’t know what the best process was.  I didn’t come from a publishing background, my previous career had been corporate graphic design – I taught myself how to self-publish to a professional and credible standard through lots of trial and error before SWATT Books was born.  I know how frustrating it can be to be faced with conflicting information from separate and apparently credible sources on what you should be doing and not knowing who to believe. 

Sound familiar?


Presenting my

All-Inclusive Self-Publishing Package

The done-for-you service that helps you publish a professional quality book
whist retaining 100% of your rights and royalties.


Get a professionally designed book, credibly published in both print and eBook with retail distribution to over 30,000 online retailers worldwide.

Best of all?

You keep 100% of your rights, royalties, and ultimate control over your book now and in the future.


Starting from as little as





  • Being able to introduce yourself as a published author
  • Being recognised as an expert and a key person of influence in your field
  • Attracting high quality clients who already know you and want to work with you
  • Being able to leverage your book to get speaking gigs and marketing opportunities
  • Earning passive income from your book



What’s Included


My All-Inclusive Self-Publishing Package is exactly that – all inclusive!  For a single flat fee, me and my team will take you from raw manuscript to professionally designed book that is available for your readers to buy worldwide.


Here’s what you get:

  • Professional editing & proofreading of your manuscript
  • Bespoke cover design with full ownership rights
  • Bespoke interior design and typesetting
  • Conversion of print edition to ebook publishing
  • Registration of your publishing imprint in your name and purchase of your ISBN numbers so you own 100% of the rights*
  • Set up of publishing accounts with Amazon), and a platform for international distribution, in your name so you keep 100% of your royalties
  • Fully facilitated publishing of your book on all major Amazon sites as well as 30,000 online book retailers worldwide (including Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, Waterstones, The Book Depository, and more)
  • Submission of title details to the International ISBN Database, and fulfilment of Legal Deposit requirements*
  • Access to my extended network of author services to help you with any part of your publishing journey (including marketing & PR agencies, audiobook studios, writing mentors, and more)

* Only available to authors based in the United Kingdom and the United States


What makes our service unique?

Unlike other self-publishing services out there, once your book is fully published, we will give you the login details to all your publishing accounts and provide training on how to use them so that you have ultimate control over what happens with your book now and into the future.

What other authors are saying about publishing with SWATT Books


As a first-time author it seemed quite bewildering to navigate the process of designing and publishing, but Sam made it easy. She designed the book very well, including quite a lot of detailed adjustments, which was all done smoothly and with great responsiveness. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Tom Hickmore

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sam. She took away a lot of the stress for me as she guided me through the process step by step. I found her to be very insightful, professional, and very approachable which were attributes that I found particularly helpful as a first-time author as at times the process felt quite overwhelming. However, Sam took away a lot of that stress for me and was always at hand for any questions that I had. I would be more than happy to work with Sam again in the future.
Shilpe Nanda

What a great book publishing experience it has been with Sam. Right from the start, Sam’s professional approach and expertise shone. Working across time zones created zero hassles as Sam was super-efficient with updates throughout the process. Highly recommend working with Sam. She makes the route to market, from writing to publication, completely seamless. Thank you for being a brilliant publisher, Sam.
Gail Gibson

Sam held my hand through the whole publishing process of my book and I really enjoyed working with her, it was so exciting to take control of the creative process from start to finish, receiving designs for the front cover, selecting the font style, size, page layout etc. I’ve learned so much about the whole process from editing to designing to royalties etc, Sam was really thorough in her advice an explanation, her attention to detail is fantastic, she provides a really in-depth schedule of the process and she is a lovely person to work with. If you are thinking about self-publishing, I can’t recommend SWATT Books enough! I will certainly use them again when I write my next novel. Thank you, Sam!
Lexie Carducci

Self-Publishing is a minefield. My stress was lifted by commissioning Sam to help me self-publish my first book. Dynamic, experienced and knowledgeable, she has helped me to produce a book to a high professional standard. She has also ensured that this goes out on worldwide book sites, to ensure that it gets the exposure it needs, there is no one better to help you.
Anthea Durand

I found the experience of working with Sam very pleasant and quick, and a huge learning curve for me in terms of the whole creation of a book. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I’m eternally grateful for how patient you were with me, and your guidance really helped me.

Heather Blanchard

What Sam doesn’t know about self-publishing isn’t worth knowing. Her designs are flawless, and her knowledge of the book business is vast. Sam is down to earth and easy to talk to about your projects. Nothing phases her, she is dependable, professional and fun.
DiElle Hannah

Having written a children’s book for families in my church to tell their children, I had no idea how to get it published to reach a wider audience. Not only did I not have a clue about the publishing world but between a family and a full-time job I had no time either. This is where Sam stepped in, she definitely has a clue, she gave my book the time it needed and her confidence in both the project and in me at every step was invaluable.
Sam Jordan

Just when I had more or less torn all my hair out writing the book, Sam came along and sorted out all the intricacies of turning it into a real object that could be published. I still have hair. Writing is only half the battle.
Paul Wallis

Here’s the full process we’ll take you through:


  1. Editing: You will be introduced to one of our SfEP certified editors who will go through your manuscript to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, as well as make suggestions on how to improve the overall quality of the text and ensure consistency of language throughout the book.
  2. Interior Concept Development: Based on your draft manuscript and a completed Book Design Questionnaire, we will brainstorm several design directions and then work together to develop a final look and style for your books’ interior.
  3. Cover Jacket Design: A cover design will be created with your full involvement and available for feedback and amendments.
  4. Typesetting: Once the edited manuscript has been delivered by the editor and the interior concept development is finished, your book will be professionally typeset into its final book format.
  5. Proofing: A PDF proof of your completed book will be exported and sent over to you to review.
  6. eBook Conversion: Once final print artwork of your book has been completed and exported for production, the artwork will be duplicated and re-purposed for digital conversion.
  7. New Publisher Set-up: You will have self-publishing accounts with Nielsen’s (the ISBN agency) and with both Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP (publishing platforms). These accounts will allow you to release your book (and any future books) under your own publishing imprint. Your initial set of 10 ISBN numbers will also be purchased on your behalf.
  8. Listing: When everything is ready for publishing, we will generate a new listing for your book. Including keywords and metadata.
  9. Pricing: We will work out the correct pricing for your book title, taking into account the market at the time. If you are happy with the proposed cover price and expected Royalty return based on that cover price, these will add to your book listing as well as Wholesale Discount and Returnability.
  10. Artwork Submission: The last step of the book listing is to submit the final production artwork for all editions of your book.
  11. Test Print: Once the artwork passes quality control, an order for a single test copy will be sent to you for final review.
  12. Distribution & PoD Order: Once you approve the test print copy, your book will be released for full distribution.
  13. Nielsen Book Database*: After the book has been fully published and is readily available to purchase, a reference to the book will be added to the Nielsen Book Database.
  14. Legal Deposit*: This is a legal requirement for all books published within the UK and the US, as well as many other countries.
  15. Hand Over: Once your book has been successfully published, you will be provided with the login details for your publishing accounts and an in-depth training video that will run through the features and use of the platforms.

* Only available to authors based in the United Kingdom and the United States

How the All-Inclusive Pricing Works:


This all-inclusive package is priced at a flat fee based on the word count of your manuscript. That flat fee is split into 4 equal payments which will be due at crucial stages during the 14–16-week project:


Payment 1

On engagement of our services.

Payment 2

On completion of the editing, interior concept development and cover contest

Payment 3

On sign off of the print book artwork

Payment 4

When the book officially goes on sale


Word Count

Package Cost


Up to 25k words

 £2,700 +VAT

4x £810

26-50k words

 £3,800 +VAT

4x £1,140

51-75k words

 £4,900 +VAT

4x £1,470

76-100k words

 £6,000 +VAT

4x £1,800

101-125k words

 £7,100 +VAT

4x £2,130

126-150k words

 £8,200 +VAT

4x £2,460


I know we don’t know each other yet, but I want you to know that I get you. I know how overwhelming it can be to write and publish your first book; all the while combatting those little niggles of doubt in your mind of whether it’s going to be good enough.

If you take this first step with me, you will not have to go through this process alone.  I and my team will be here to support you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to help you become a published author.

Sam Pearce